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Fictional Narrative: “Slavic Pantheon”

During the 19th century, in romantic-era of intrigue and enthusiasm for classical mythology we see many attempts to restore various mythologies, modeled on the mythological cycles of classical Greece and Rome, placing collected information in the same narrative-symbolic frame. Amongst such attempts of reconstruction, “Slavic mythology” is no exception. The …

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Fictional narrative: Bosnian Pyramids

It’s been 9 years since Semir Osmanagić claimed to have discovered pyramids at the site of Visočice. Over the past several years public support to this self-proclaimed researcher went from great elation and media attention, including a documentary film about the pyramids, to disappointment and censorship. With media censorship it seemed …

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In Memory of Zdenko Brusić

We are saddened to inform our readers that dr. Zdenko Brusić, Croatian archaeologist and scientist died at the age of 76 in Zadar. Professor Brusić will be remembered as a pioneer in Croatian hydroarchaeology. Born in Šibenik on 16. September in 1938. In his hometown he attended primary school, finishing …

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Reconstruction of the Museum in Doboj

Written by: Aleksandar Jašarević, archaeological curator By the end of the year, work will be completed on sanitising the Museum in Doboj, affected by the May floods. The worst hit parts of the building were in the basement areas, where due to flood water accumulating over a few days led …

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The Results of the Archaeon Summer Games

The results are in for the Archaeon competition for which we welcomed you to share your photos taken at a favourite location with us. Our jury gave the results: Adela Custo, Mostar, art historian, Amra Dragnić, Sarajevo, MA in Architecture, Igor Kuvač, Banja Luka, MA and PhD student at the …

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Cut – stone tools of the Hvar – Lisičići culture

Examples of cut – stone tool specimens include flint blades, drills, scrapers and arrowheads. Blades found in Lisičići mostly have a trapezoidal section, though blades with triangular – shaped sections have also been found. Examples that Benac categorised, due to their length and mass, were placed in the category of …

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Regional conference: Balkan museums without borders

Last week (28.-29.10) the regional conference of the “Cultural Heritage without Borders” (CHwB) and the “Balkan Museum Network” (BMN) was held in Sarajevo. The two – day conference entitled “Balkan museums without borders: The continuation of disability access to museums and heritage in the Western Balkans” brought together people with …

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Prehistoric Hill Forts in Herzegovina and Croatia

Many sites which are called hill forts or “Gradina” (Grad, Gradac, Gradište and similar) hide the remains of prehistoric material. There has been little research on them historically. Vaclav Radimsky, Friar Fiala, dr. Ćiro Truhelka and other archaeologists have only partially dedicated their time to the research of these sites. Most hill …

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Medieval torture devices – Part 2

This is the final part of the text begun on the inquisition. The theme is far from ideal, and I shall mention another 6 devices of torture in this part, some of which served the inquisition.  A thank you to all the readers who took an interest in this. The …

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