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Göbekli Tepe

The site of Göbekli Tepe  is best known as the oldest example of monumental architecture. It is set around 9600-8200 BC. It was most likely raised by hunter-gatherers as the first permanent sanctuary in the world. A few stone rings have been discovered, and geomagnetic recording identified at least 20 or …

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Europa Regina

Europa regina, a popular cartographical form of Early Modern period that depicted Europe as a graceful Queen, with Spain as her head and Prague as her heart. The map was published by cartographer Johannes Putsch in 1537.  Though much about the origination and initial perception of this map is uncertain, it is …

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About Archaeon – New Archaeology Website

Who is behind Archaeon?  We are a group of young Archaeologists who want to change the state of Archaeology in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This process is not easy because local Government offers us no financial or any other support and everything we do from now on is at our own …

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