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Lucy (In The Sky With Diamonds)

43 years ago (1974) Donald Johanson and Tom Gray discovered Lucy. She was found near Hadar in Ethiopia at nearly 3.2 million years old. Lucy belonged to the extinct hominid species Austrolapithecus afarensis (Hadar being the site with the greatest number of remains) wide spread across Eastern Africa. Australopithecus afarensis …

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Otkriće grobnice kraljice Nefertiti?

Nove, uzbudljive arheološke vijesti se nastavljaju. Uzimajući male dijelove informacija koje imaju, i spajajući komade slagalice, arheolozi pokušavaju odgovoriti na stara pitanja poput- odakle smo došli i ko smo mi? Iako smo još uvijek miljama daleko od takvog znanja, dr.Nicholas Reeves, ugledni arheolog sa Sveučilišta u Arizoni vjeruje da nas …

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The Forgotten Bridge near Čapljina

When a number of tourists, in their search for peace and nature, head to visit Herzegovinian Nature Park “Hutovo blato”, they go past the small bridge in Klepci, Čapljina. The bridge is one of the oldest examples of Ottoman architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, although the bridge is only …

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Fictional Narrative: “Slavic Pantheon”

During the 19th century, in romantic-era of intrigue and enthusiasm for classical mythology we see many attempts to restore various mythologies, modeled on the mythological cycles of classical Greece and Rome, placing collected information in the same narrative-symbolic frame. Amongst such attempts of reconstruction, “Slavic mythology” is no exception. The …

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Međunarodni dan arheologije

Međunarodni dan arheologije već se četvrtu godinu za redom obilježava treće subote u desetom mjesecu. Obilježavanje dana ove relativno mlade znanstvene discipline novijeg je datuma. Archaeological Institute of America i brojne arheološke organizacije u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama, ali sve više i diljem svijeta, organiziraju arheološke programe i aktivnosti za ljude …

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Medieval torture devices – Part 2

This is the final part of the text begun on the inquisition. The theme is far from ideal, and I shall mention another 6 devices of torture in this part, some of which served the inquisition.  A thank you to all the readers who took an interest in this. The …

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Medieval torture devices

The Inquisition is a part of medieval history. What really sets this era of history apart is the morbid inventiveness that went into the creation of diverse methods of torture. The reasons for this being heresy and criminal activity. This article will present 6 methods and devices of torture. The …

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