Save Cultural Heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Some of you may remember our Indigogo campaign from October last year. In the next 50 days we will be repeating it, but this time we will work really hard to get the word out. We also added a video to show all of you that cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina are neglected.

We already have so many support and we received kind words. It really means so much to us. We are young archaeologists and really want to change something, but most of the times people tell us it’s impossible and that we should give up, especially because we have worked without any financial support for the last 2 years. A lot of times we wanted to give up, we were demotivated and we wanted to leave everything as it is. But our love towards Archaeology and History was the one that kept us going.

This is why all of your kind words and your support means so much to us. It gives us a reason to keep going, it makes us believe that we really can change something, even if it is only a small thing.

Thank you once again and support us on  Indiegogo

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing some of the most beautiful archaeological sites with us. Is there are any chance to get a couple of picks from the Badanj Cave (near Stolac). This site has an amazing cave painting.

  2. I would like to personally speak with the head of your organization via email. I believe in what you are doing and I may be able to help financially.

    Thank you

    Rob Goodwin

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