Committee on the Teaching and Training of Archaeologists practical skills training survey

The European Association of Archaeologists’s (EAA) CTTA is planning to discuss practical skills training in European Archaeology at its annual round table at the EAA 2016 conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. To prepare for this Round Table and to collect data on practical skills training provision in European Archaeology, we have prepared a short survey on this matter, which we would like colleagues across Europe to complete. The survey is entirely anonymous and no personal data about you or, if that be the case, any organisation you may represent, is collected. It is intended to prepare a report from the data collected which will be presented at CTTR’s EAA 2016 Vilnius RT and, if sufficiently informative, published in a suitable publication venue like the European Journal of Archaeology or The European Archaeologist magazine.

The survey should take no more than approximately 5 minutes to complete, unless you decide to provide us with additional information in the ‘Additional Questions’ section, which can, however, be skipped. We would like to collect information from formal training providers (e.g. Universities, Colleges, Archaeological Field Schools, etc.) who offer practical skills training, other archaeological organisations who offer practical skills training but are not formal training providers (e.g. archaeological companies, consultants, etc.), and anyone who has personal experience as a participant in practical skills training. The survey can be completed multiple times if you wish to provide information about practical training provided by one or several organisations you represent and also share your own personal experiences of practical training you participated in.

You can find and complete the survey by following this hyperlink:


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