Regional conference: Balkan museums without borders

Last week (28.-29.10) the regional conference of the “Cultural Heritage without Borders” (CHwB) and the “Balkan Museum Network” (BMN) was held in Sarajevo. The two – day conference entitled “Balkan museums without borders: The continuation of disability access to museums and heritage in the Western Balkans” brought together people with disabilities, representatives of non – government bodies and employees of museums and institutions across the Balkans.

Discussions were carried out on how to bring the work of museums and institutions closer to people with disability, many presentations were held on this topic and the results of a six – year project realised by museums in the region with the help of CHwB and BMN were also presented. The award for best project was given at the end of the conference and was decided by a vote from all the participants at the conference. The winner was the National museum with their project entitled “Museum in a suitcase”, showcasing replicas of ethnographic artefacts created by staff for the purpose of bringing these objects closer to students who were not able to visit the museum.

Aside from this, a series of successful projects were also presented such as the newly – built ramp at the entrance to the museum, installation of audio guides, models of medieval buildings and so forth.

The conference was successful and inspirational, and apart from participants exchanging their experiences and ideas on working with disabled people, the conference was also the perfect place for experts and staff members of various institutions to connect and continue working together.


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