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The Forgotten Bridge near Čapljina

When a number of tourists, in their search for peace and nature, head to visit Herzegovinian Nature Park “Hutovo blato”, they go past the small bridge in Klepci, Čapljina. The bridge is one of the oldest examples of Ottoman architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, although the bridge is only …

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Fictional narrative: Bosnian Pyramids

It’s been 9 years since Semir Osmanagić claimed to have discovered pyramids at the site of Visočice. Over the past several years public support to this self-proclaimed researcher went from great elation and media attention, including a documentary film about the pyramids, to disappointment and censorship. With media censorship it seemed …

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About Archaeon – New Archaeology Website

Who is behind Archaeon?  We are a group of young Archaeologists who want to change the state of Archaeology in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This process is not easy because local Government offers us no financial or any other support and everything we do from now on is at our own …

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