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Europa Regina

Europa Regina, 1537. godina
Europa Regina, 1537. godina

Europa regina, a popular cartographical form of Early Modern period that depicted Europe as a graceful Queen, with Spain as her head and Prague as her heart.

The map was published by cartographer Johannes Putsch in 1537.  Though much about the origination and initial perception of this map is uncertain, it is known that Putsch maintained close relations withHoly Roman Empire, Ferdinand I. of Habsburg and that the map’s popularity increased significantly during the second half of the 16th century. The modern term Europa regina was not yet used by Putsch’s contemporaries, who instead used the Latin phrase Europa in forma virginis.

In 1537, when the Europa regina was introduced, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V of Habsburg had united the lands of the Habsburg’s in his hands, including his country of origin, Spain. Thus, the map is oriented westwards to have Spain as the crowned head, pointing at the Habsburgs’ claim to be universal emperors of Europe. The most obvious connections to the Holy Roman Emperor are the Carolingian crown and the imperial insignia – sceptre and orb



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