Doing Archaeology: A Subject Guide for Student, Donald Henson

Doing Archaeology, Donald HensonNaslov: Doing Archaeology: A Subject Guide for Student

Autor: Donald Henson

ISBN/EAN: 9780415602129

Izdavač: Routledge

Datum izdanja: 18/07/2012

Broj stranica: 254

Uvez: Meki

Cijena: 35,00 KM


Sadržaj knjige:

Part I: Defining Archaeology 1. What is archaeology? 2. How did archaeology begin? Part II: People and Places, Past and Present 3. Which pasts do we study? 4. Understanding Our Place in Nature 5. Understanding People 6. Where Archaeologists Work Part III: Archaeology in Today’s World 7. World Archaeology 8. Archaeology’s Value 9. Some Key Debates in Archaeology 10. Archaeology as Part of Heritage 11. Activist Archaeology Part IV: Doing Archaeology 12. How to do Archaeology 13. Studying Archaeology 14. Archaeology is Fun

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